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SimplifyFax Tollfree Package gives a Vanity Number and Unlimited inbound and Outbound Fax.
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SimplifyFax Unlimited Local Package Delivers! It gives you a selectable local number and unlimited outbound and inbound faxes.
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   Unlimited Tollfree
$12.95 Per Month
Free Vanity Number
Free Unlimited Inbound
Free Unlimited Outbound

Fax Broadcast (200 Recipients)
International rates
$12.95 / month
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If you want the best value for your money, a $12.95 monthly fee is all you need to get the best features for your online fax. The Simplifyfax Unlimited Toll Free plan allows you to send and receive unlimited fax with your choice of a True 800 or Vanity number – all for FREE! If you happen to have a toll free number, and decide to move with us for this plan, you may transfer your toll free number without any transfer charges. Even setting up your fax software comes with no charge! The best deal comes with the features Simplifyfax Unlimited Toll Free plan has to offer. You may retrieve past documents faxed to you through your archive page. You may also customize the way you want to send and receive fax with your own control panel. Most of all, you’d be able to fax to almost 200 recipients all in one-time faxing! Sign up with us now, because we guarantee reliable and quality online faxing services like no other!



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