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SimplifyFax Tollfree Package gives a Vanity Number and Unlimited inbound and Outbound Fax.
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SimplifyFax Unlimited Local Package Delivers! It gives you a selectable local number and unlimited outbound and inbound faxes.
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Paperless Fax Technology

In the tradition of innovating clients’ online businesses and integrating high-end technology to customers’ enterprises, Simplifyfax, one of the fastest and most reliable fax services providers, shifts their point-of-view by promoting environment-friendly methods of technology. With Simplifyfax’s hassle-free, environment-friendly and instant fax solutions, techy and fast-paced clients as well as environmentalists will be able to share a same sentiment.

Simplifyfax, one of the foremost fax providers in the industry, promises to eliminate bothersome and excessive paper use within the office by creating a new environment where data exchange need not be expensive and environment-threatening. Online and virtual information exchange among parties does not use sheets of paper. In this technology-driven and fast-paced environment, email messaging has been a trend and seems like its going to be around for a while. Simplifyfax plans to use this trend as a weapon against environmental hazards.

Simplifyfax not only saves end-users on the use of paper but also saves other resources such as electricity, time and money. Since the internet today is ran by broadband connections and high-speed cables, instant faxing using Simplifyfax service won’t pose a problematic issue. Additional equipments such as fax machines pose threat to electricity, time and money. Simplifyfax plainly wants to deliver one thing to its clients; Simplicity and friendliness towards life, business and the environment.



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