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The fax machine and the whole fax process has been one of the oldest and most familiar office tools until today. Its popularity is uncanny because the fact remains that fax is easy to use, reliable and inexpensive. But in today’s world, where technological advances come almost everyday, the simple fax process just got simpler. Now, we use the internet to send our fax messages from one end to the other. With the online fax process now at hand, the question still remains. Why change a reliable and familiar mode of communication? The bottom line answer to that question is that online faxing from this site saves time and money.

In the most basic level, the difference between the traditional fax and online fax is the replacement of the fax machine with a fax server. But the question still lingers, how can that change save both money and time? Fax servers are faster compared to fax machines making the wait time sending and receiving faxes less. It also lessens the chance of misplacing documents because they are all in one place, inside your computer. Online fax also saves a lot of paper because they are digitally stored. Saving on office supplies because there is no paper trail. Although this saving is not a big deal, it can surely add up very quickly.

With the change to online faxing, employee productivity would also increase because they become more efficient and organized in document handling. The convenience of it all is to be able to send and receive fax messages from one place, the computer rather from an isolated fax machine.



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