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Giving Up the Machine
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Giving Up The Machine


Red lights blink. Rough noise screeches.
You hit the buttons with nothing but pure wrath.
You slam once. You slam harder.

Finally, you force yourself inside and pull out the culprit.

Paper jam.

At least once in a fax owner’s life, he goes through the paper jam crisis. There is nothing more frustrating than a malfunctioned fax machine refusing to operate normally. Luckily, with the vast transition of paper to digital in technology, we are left with lesser paperworks and the troubles that go with it. Consider annoying paper jams, bulky fax machines, and extra phone lines all a thing of the past. A major breakthrough in communications is making all this possible – online faxing. Now, why would you trade your fax machine for an online fax?

If paper jams aren’t enough reasons, read on.

Convenience. Online faxing has been designed to meet current lifestyles of businessmen, executives, and office workers alike. An online fax is equipped with features you can never find in your good ol’ fax machine. Because you worry about getting another phone line, faxing a handful of files, and replacing your machine with a new ink, faxing online frees you from every probable trouble you could ever encounter with your fax machine. You can happily leave home or work knowing your expected files will still come on time. In the same way, you can send your fax at any time of the day without being held off by a busy tone. It’s all too easy as sending an email. There will be no more wordy manuals on how to operate your fax device, and definitely no more long waits with paper feeding! Online faxing even allows you to send more than one file all at one time. Now if these features still aren’t enough, an online fax will not just allow you to send more than one file at one time, but it will also let you send to more than one recipient at one time! Just like Simplyfax, it is equipped with this great feature of fax broadcasting that allows users to send fax to multiple recipients without redialing or resending.

Low Cost. Subscribing to an online fax will definitely be worth every penny you pay. There’s a wide array of selection you could choose from – with each plan offering rates matched with the features you like for your online fax. Some plans can go as low as $10 a month. Simplyfax local offers their fax services for as low as $6.95 a month! The best part with this bargain is the features that come with the plans for free. If you’re lucky to find a good deal with your online fax subscription, your toll free numbers and inbound faxing can all be availed for free. Now you don’t have to spend for your fax papers, nor go through making another purchase for an extra phone line. It’s all too good to pass up for your business, and even personal needs.

Mobility. It’s pretty amazing to find your gadgets compatible with another digital device you own, and your online fax can be no exception. You can do email on your phone. You can do internet under a wi-fi zone. Your laptops, cellphones, and internet connections are all wireless. Everything has become mobile, and all this has become possible with the digital boom in technology. Again, your online fax is no exception. You could be on the other side of the world, but never miss a faxed report. You can fax to an email, and do email to a fax. This is something your conventional fax machine is not designed to do. Likewise, you wouldn’t want to be packing your fax machine in your luggage when you leave for a trip, would you?

It doesn’t matter if you run a corporation, or a small-time business. Technology is responding to your needs. Online faxing is one of them, and some of the best deals that could save you time and money are all a click away. Don’t just sit around and wait for your next paper jam.




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